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In an April 2012 Guardian blog post, was described as “the world`s largest translator organization.” [12] Beautiful work Nate! An excellent article with solid advice from our colleagues here on TM-Town – a must for neophytes and veterans. Patrick Roye shared another useful article: What are the rules for paying translator bills? In particular, hosting and powering the translation platform[19]used by Translators Without Borders to deliver over 2.5 million words in 2011 and 4.5 million words in 2012, donated by volunteers to humanitarian organizations. This includes the translation of Wikipedia medical articles into several languages as part of Wikiproject Medicine. Catherine at Lingua Greca Translations also shared this excellent article on the theme: Zombie Contracts: Translator Attention It is also important to set a minimum price and stick to it. Their first offer should be at least 1/3 higher than this minimum rate in order to have considerable bargaining room. is a membership-based website for independent translators. The company, founded in 1999[1] is mainly used for secondment and response to translation offers. Since October 20, 2018[update], reported more than 960,000 registered users in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. [1] Here are some of my points. Let me know if you have any questions/comments! The way you treat customers and potential jobs from day one will set the tone for how you treat them as your business grows and grows. Finally, please take two seconds to share this contribution, to thank contributors for sharing their knowledge and expertise over several years.

Depending on the category, you should plan a different strategy to convince your potential client. ICFs, protocols, patient notebooks, safety reports, IRB correspondences, study reports, location contracts (3) Is the delay reasonable? Indeed, low interest rates and inappropriate delays usually go hand in hand and are the two red flags that you should avoid to the customer. Urgent jobs happen, of course, but this is never the best way to start a relationship with a new client. Inc. Magazine considers the service “a useful resource for small translation projects,” but since only paid members have been able to see current rates, “non-members may have difficulty understanding what is to offer.” [10] (This price information has been published. [11]) provided programming services and a work platform as well as access to its translator database to the non-profit group Translators Without Borders. [17] He has also collaborated with the non-profit organization Ashoka and has sponsored events of the American Translators Association in the past. I have been working on negotiation skills for some time and would like to share some of my experiences with you.

4000 MEDICAL TRANSLATION EXPERTS – 70 MILLION WORDS TRANSLATED WE DRIVE YOUR GLOBALIZATION EFFORTS Then I send you a price offer, including all the points we discussed, my terms and conditions and often a deadline to respond (z.B. This offer is valid until ). Then get over there. You blow your ass fill as many profiles as possible, create a clean site, set up social media accounts, blog, respond to countless job posts, and exactly all the online marketing advice you`ve been able to discover in the process… Signing contracts is part of the agreement when they work for agencies. Here are some tips: With drug discovery and health innovations, the world can really be a better place. This may seem like a long shot, but we truly believe that our medical translation services are helping to accelerate vital medical progress and make this world a better place for our future generations.

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