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Palo Alto Software License Agreement

To start navigating from the home page supporting assets > devices. Here is a list of all the devices currently registered. Look for the device for which the license is to be activated and click the pencil icon under the Actions column: Palo Alto Software can and does not guarantee that files that can be downloaded via the website are free of infections by software viruses or other computer codes, files or malware. Customers who purchase a new firewall application or a Palo Alto support contract will receive a necessary authorization code to activate their technical support, licensing and service subscriptions, as well as many other useful information provided below. Palo alto Software and its service providers, licensees and providers do not ensure the adequacy, reliability, availability, news, security or accuracy of the website or content for any purpose. To the extent permitted by law, all associated information, software, products, services and graphics are provided without any guarantee or condition of any kind of “how to see. ” Palo alto software and its service providers, licensees and suppliers hereafter deny any guarantee and condition regarding the website and content, including all implied market guarantees or conditions, adequacy to a particular purpose, title and non-counterfeiting. No oral or written statement or information received in any way by palo alto Software is not a guarantee that is not expressly and explicitly specified in this Agreement. The content may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. Once the activation process is complete, a green bar is displayed briefly to confirm that the license has been successfully activated.

Note how the page was updated to include features enabled with its expiration date: Palo Alto Software reserves the right to change these Terms of Use at any time without notice. Your use of the Site as a result of such a change is your consent to comply with and be bound to these Terms of Use in the amended form. If you`ve purchased multiple service licenses or features for your product, z.B. Threat Prevention License, WildFire License, Support, etc., add a service`s permission code and click the “Accept” and “Send” button. Repeat the process until all services/features are enabled. The website is based on the proprietary technology of the Palo Alto software and contains the content.

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