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Subordinated Note Purchase Agreement

(iii) Until the earlier date of (A), the Company may sell additional bonds to individuals or businesses defined by the company or to purchase additional bonds. All of these sales are made under the terms set out in this agreement. For the purposes of this agreement and any other proposed agreement, any additional purchaser who purchases notes is considered a “buyer” for the purposes of this agreement, and all bonds purchased by that additional purchaser are considered “notes” and “titles.” Sometimes note holders insist on things such as board seats, information rights, agreements against the issuance of shares or other debts and/or other conditions that are typically related to stock transactions. In this case, these contractual agreements between the company and the bondholders are usually written in a separate agreement with a title such as Note Holders` Agreement or Voting Agreement. i) Full agreement. This agreement and the documents referred to in it constitute the whole agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement and all other written or oral agreements between the parties are expressly annulled. (ii) “Link” with respect to the company`s assets or assets; all security interest, mortgages, mortgages, mortgages, mortgages, mortgages, receivables, taxes or other charges on, from or after these assets or their income, including, but not limited, to the interests of a seller or renter under a conditional sales contract, capital lease or other property reserve contract, or any agreement regarding the provision of one of the above-mentioned means and the submission of a financing declaration or similar instrument under the Single Code of Commerce. (b) to the extent that the law permits, every selling owner becomes the company, each of its directors, each of its senior executives who have signed the registration declaration, any person who controls the company within the meaning of the Securities Act or the Stock Exchange Act, if any; all other holders who sell securities in such a registration statement and any person controlling such an other holder against losses, rights, damages or liabilities (collectively or several) to which one of the aforementioned persons may be subject under the Securities Act, stock exchange law or other federal or regional laws, to the extent that such losses, claims, damages or liabilities (or acts relating to them) may result from a violation or violation. , in any event, to the extent (and only to the extent that) such a violation is carried out in confidence and in accordance with the written information expressly provided by that holder for use in connection with such a recording; and each of these holders, to the extent that it is incurred, all legal or other costs appropriately incurred by a person to be compensated in accordance with paragraph 10.8 (b) of this article in the context of the investigation or defence of such a loss, right, injury, liability or legal action; However, provided that the compensation agreement in paragraph 10.8(b) of this paragraph does not apply to the sums paid to settle such loss, claim, damage, liability or recourse if such a tally is made without the consent of the holder, whose consent is not unduly accepted; provided that no compensation in this paragraph exceeds the gross proceeds of the offer received by that holder; (a) the sale and issuance of bonds.

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