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Vodafone Data Processing Agreement

In general, if you use our site for purely information purposes, you do not have to provide us with information. We only collect and use data that is automatically transmitted to us via your browser, such as . B investigations that have been launched following hundreds of complaints and user warnings against Vodafone`s unsolicited calls. Investigations have revealed poor compliance with the RGPD and “structural” criticisms that are not only related to the violation of consent requirements, but also to key principles such as accountability and design data protection, as described in the RGPD. We only process your data while it is necessary to provide the site`s services. This would not be the case only if the law requires us to keep the information, especially for tax or accounting reasons. In this case, we remove your data as soon as the appropriate retention periods expire. e) Right to challenge an automated decision: you have the right to obtain human intervention and to challenge an automated decision made about you. You can challenge a decision by going to

6.1. All copyrights, trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights relating to materials or content (including, but not limited to software, data, applications, texts, texts, photos, music, videos, graphics, logos, symbols, artwork and other documents or animated images) contained or accessible on websites (“Content”), are owned by us or have been authorized by rights holders to be used as part of the websites. You can only use the websites in accordance with these conditions. If you want to do something else with any of the content, you must first obtain written permission from the rights holder on that material. All rights are expressly reserved. The guarantor`s investigations have highlighted key “structural” criticisms, which are not only related to the breach of consent obligations, but also to key principles such as accountability and data protection. Vodafone Group Services GmbH is responsible for your personal data We are members of the Vodafone Group and manage personal activities, including the processing of personal data concerning the employees and candidates of the Vodafone company with which you apply.

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