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Florida Landscape Pros can keep turf, trees, and shrubs healthy.

About Florida Landscape Professionals!

Florida Landscape Professionals, Inc. began as the result of a merger of two Orlando based landscape companies which had been in business since 1997.

Bryan Emond, President and Vincent Ragone, Vice President knew that by combining forces and their individual talents they could create a greater company with more diverse experience, knowledge and the ability to provide a superior level of customer service.

As we move forward we are committed to growing our team by developing  talented, committed, enthusiastic people who are passionate about the landscapes they build and service every day. Each of our team members is equally as passionate about providing a superior level of customer service and a commitment to make your property the best it can be.

Now with over eleven years of experience we have the knowledge, the people, the design concept and the passion to facilitate any and all of your landscaping needs.

Contact us today at 877.FLP.TURF for all your Landscaping needs.

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