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Florida Landscape Pros can keep turf, trees, and shrubs healthy.

Turf and Ornamental Pest Control and Fertilization Program

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Our comprehensive year round program is designed to optimize turf health as well as tree and shrub vitality. Our program is customized to your properties specific needs.

Your property will be inspected monthly by one of our highly trained technicians. All turf areas will be inspected for insects and disease, any infestations will be treated upon discovery the same day. In addition your shrub and flower beds will be inspected for insects and disease as well and all necessary treatments made the same day.

During specific times of the year with certain weather patterns specific diseases and insects are more likely to appear we will make preventative applications in these events to reduce the likely appearance of these insects or diseases.

Pesticide treatments will be made with the safest and most effective pesticide at the lowest possible effective rate for the issue being treated.

Always remember to keep pets and children off the areas treated until the pesticide dries.

Fertilizer applications will be made throughout the year to ensure healthy turf, trees and shrubs. Applications will be made according to the needs of your specific properties needs,  taking into account soil type,  soil PH, soil temperatures, available soil moisture and irrigation as well as specific plant types on the property. Blanket applications will be made to maintain plant and turf health as well as spot applications to treat under performing areas of turf or shrubs.

All materials utilized and the performance of the work will conform to all State and Federal Health and Safety laws currently in effect. We will make the required posting for each treatment as required by law.

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